Fon Cosmetics in Turkey, which is an important cosmetics manufacturer based in Turkey / Istanbul since 1984 with its motto of “Unlimited Fragrances”, especially perfume production, which we are always in development and innovation, and also with a wide production scale consisting of many different products including our make-up line.

Our Facility: It has all the necessary documents and certificates in accordance with the European and World cosmetics production regulations such as ISO 9001:2008, GMP, Halal, etc. All of our productions, which are carried out under hygiene conditions and with advanced technology are supplied to our valued customers after being tested by accredited laboratories.

We cooperate with supermarkets, cosmetics shops, perfumery chains in many countries of the world, both as our own brands and as private labels, and we are experienced in supplying large networks in this regard. We are actually exporting to 63 countries where we have 44 exclusive distributors. 

With our experience of nearly 40 years, we continue to contribute to our industry and to advance in our goal of offering all the best with the excitement of the first day.